Saturday, January 31, 2009

What would we do in a world...

...without music?

This is Clayton. He plays electric guitar...

...and string bass.

Hope you enjoy my favorites from this session with this cool 8th grader!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Tim and Sara's family...

...has been celebrating their new arrival!

Here is a close up look at sweet little Sarae! (Pronounced saRAY)

Her siblings can't get enough of her!

Big brother Zach...

Big brother Reese...

...and big sister BreElle. LOVE all of those brown eyes...mmmm!

Two sisters....BreElle is SUCH a little Mommy to her baby sister!

The brothers....doing what brothers do!

The happy family!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A New Year!

Eric and I have just returned home from a week and a half away on vacation. I may post up a few pictures on the blog a little later. I am SO thankful that my dear parents were able and willing to care for the kids so that we could get away and enjoy this opportunity! I feel truly refreshed and rested. What a gift!!

After I get reacquainted with my sweet kids and start processing the first few loads of laundry, I will be starting to go through emails and messages. Not having had access to phone or email while gone, this might take me a few days. (!) If you have contacted me during the last week and a half with something and do not hear back from me by the middle of next week, please email or call again if you don't mind. There are also some things I have been working on before the trip, such as album designs and a few orders, that I will be finishing up now that I am back.

In some ways I feel that after having returned from this trip, this is really the start of my New Year. It is my earnest prayer that 2009 is a year of growing closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. As well, I pray for greater love for, and more faithful service to those I am blessed to be around. I am so excited for all the weddings and other important moments I will be photographing this year! On that note, I have decided to decrease my work load in the next few months. My youngest child has two months of part time Kindergarten left, and will start going to school 5 days a week after that. I want to soak in and enjoy these last days at home with her as much as possible!

Regarding weddings, I have filled all my summer openings. If you have a fall or winter wedding this year, I do still have dates available. Regarding high school Seniors, I only had a very limited amount of time slots available for summer '09 and all slots have been filled, so I won't be taking any more Senior Portrait commissions. If you have been in contact with me concerning your senior portraits, let's get your session time scheduled soon! Can't wait! :-)

I thank you for your interest in my photography. I am truly fortunate to work for the wonderful people that I do.

I pray your 2009 will be filled with joy and many blessings....