Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Mary for her birthday! Not only is she one of the best friends anyone could ask for, she is also my smiling, highly organized, always prepared, fruitsnacks-for-the-kids-in-the-wedding-party totin', second camera wearin', wedding assistant!

If you know her, or even if you don't, leave a comment below wishing her a happy birthday!

I was going to put up one of my many pictures of her being a stand-in while I test the lighting at weddings, but she usually pulls funny faces, so I thought I would put up this one with her beautiful family instead.

Happy Birthday Mary!!!!!! Lots of love,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


As a wedding photographer, I count it such a privilege to get to know the couples whose weddings I photograph. I guess I've been blessed-the brides and grooms I've served are just truly sweet, wonderful people. So when the wedding itself rolls around there is usually a time or two during shooting where I get just plain choked up out of happiness for them and their families.

One thing especially gets me: the Father-Daughter dance. I don't know if it's because it reminds me of my own sweet Dad, or because I look forward to the day when, Lord willing, I will watch my own daughter dance with my husband at her wedding, or if it's just seeing the tender love between a father and daughter.

A couple of months ago, while driving down to Florida with the whole family, I heard the song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman for the first time. Talk about getting choked up!! My first thought was that this would make a really great song for someone's Father Daughter dance at their wedding!

I would like to gift this song to the first five people that email me at (info at vanessabartelsphoto dot com) with "Cinderella" written in the subject line! You don't have to be a bride or groom, father or daughter-just email me! I just noticed that you can gift someone a song through iTunes, and I want to try it out. Time to see if anyone reads my blog! :^)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Three Active Boys!

I was smiling to myself during this entire shoot-this family seems just just a stage or two back from my own! Three boys that obviously love each other and love to tease and have lots of fun!

Thanks Nate and Tanya, for letting me try to capture a little bit of the energy of your family!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remember baby Thatcher?

Well a week and a half ago he brought his Mommy, Daddy and big sister Lily over for a family shoot!

Thanks so much Adam and Kim!!

Just a note concerning clothing choices: I love white clothing if we are photographing outside, or against the white backdrop if your family is dark-haired like Adam and Kim's family is. If you are fair haired, wearing white with the white backdrop can wash out skin tones. Also, when using black backdrop, wearing all white can be a bit too much contrast, drawing attention away from faces. Just thought you might like to know!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kara and Daren

Kara said she loves winter, so we did this couple's engagement session outside. I think it was only around 15 degrees fahrenheit! We took frequent "warm up by the fire" breaks inside every time our fingers got numb!

As you may know, I love to try and get at least a couple shots with sun flare during each outside shoot. Love this one of them!

I am looking forward to Kara and Daren's wedding on July 12!

Brian and Nicole

I had the opportunity to photograph Brian and Nicole's family a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to share some of my favorites! I really liked the colors they chose for their family portraits...

I just love hoodies on kids-they add an interesting shape to a portrait!

Isn't this the cutest hairband ever? And that smile...!

I really enjoyed photographing this precious family!