Monday, November 24, 2008


Thought I would (finally) :-) share some card samples with you all! I will add them to this post as I have them ready for viewing! Because this took me so long, I am extending my CARD (cards only, not prints) ordering deadline until Thursday Nov 27 (Thanksgiving Day) at midnight! Please note, these cards are for my clients only, using images I have taken of you!

Card A - 5x7 single sided photo paper, or two sided press printed 5x7, 4x5, or 5x5 card.
I can take your horizontal or vertical image that has some "extra" space near the subjects of the image, and add up to four small individual images. Your greeting will also be placed on the front of the card. If choosing a two sided card, one photo will grace the back of your card, as shown below. Text may be added if you wish. The layout of this card can be totally customized to you!

This design makes your card like no one else's, as your image "is" the card!



Card B-5x7 single sided photo paper, or two sided press printed 5x7, or folded press printed 5x7 with inside greeting. Your images are placed in the card layout as shown. Your message is placed on the text strips. Love this one!! I cannot modify the layout of this card as I have purchased this design "as is" from a talented card designer.



Card C - another flat card to show you. Can do 5x7 flat two sided card, as shown below, or do photographic paper 5x7.


Card D - these pretty holly cards are another option for your flat or photographic paper card in a 5x7 size.


These are just a few of the card options I have prepared! I have access to many more card styles - contact me if you have any questions!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Three weeks ago today...


...and Levi

became the proud big brothers

of a pretty little baby girl

whose name is Sienna!

Here's the happy family!

And one more of the little star of the show!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a few quick favorites...

...from this session with Jason and Lisa's family!

This was a last minute session, and I was so impressed that Lisa already had the kids' holiday clothes all ready to go!

5 year old Ian, and 3 year old twins Tatum and Noah!

Not sure what it is about this image, but it is my favorite from the whole session!

I am pretty sure...

...that I have NEVER had two kids as excited to get their picture taken as these two! Can't help but smile right now as I am thinking of much fun these two had playing and posing together!

This is Lucas.

Meet Bianca.

Thanks for coming over to play, Bianca and Lucas! Dixie the dog and Calvin and Susie the cats say hi too! :-)

This little princess...

is Ava.

Her brother's name is Wyatt.

Her Mom and Dad are Anita and Brent.

Ava......thinking happy thoughts! :-)

Wyatt.....being adorable!

Happy family......

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hayley and Craig

Super fun engagement session! Wanted to share a few favorites with you...

We shot at Craig's farm on a Saturday morning. The light was gorgeous!

The couple's corgi puppy Dooney. Craig was trying to get Dooney to sit nice by feeding him gumdrops, Dooney's favorite treat! :-)

Thanks so much for the fun engagement session Hayley Mae and Craig! It was a pleasure meeting you and I can't wait for your August 1, 2009 wedding!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mini sessions!

We were blessed with a beautiful day, and I had so much fun with the families that came out for mini sessions! I wanted to quick post up a few favorites from each session.

This was my first time meeting Sawyer - he is just 10 weeks old!

I just couldn't believe the adorable wink Sawyer gave me! A tiny bit blurry but I could not resist posting this!

Beautiful big sister Sophia!

And the two of them together...she was being such a little Mommy here, making sure he was all covered up with his blanket!

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Lauren and Emily - sisters aged 14 and 13. Having a 13 1/2 year old myself, I know that it is all too easy to let the busyness of sports and friends and homework and instrument practice be an excuse to forget about photographing this wonderful stage of life. So props to Kristin (Mom) for making this work! You are an example to all of us mothers of tween-agers, Kris!! :-)



A couple of them together

Brady and Lindsay and their beautiful family. Lindsay and Brady had out-of-town family over the week before the session and stayed up LATE the night before playing games and having fun! They look way more refreshed than our family would after such an evening!

Jenna - 7 (happened to lose one of her front teeth the DAY before this session!)

Carter - 4 1/2

Blake - 2 1/2

I have just a couple more sessions scheduled before my holiday session deadline of November 8 - this Saturday! I am so thankful for all the sessions we have had, but am also excited to be able to concentrate fully on getting everything to my clients in time for the holidays!

OK, time to get back to work! I will be back to the blog SOON with lots of sessions that I have been too busy to stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brycen's freckles...

...and sweet smile were just the pick-me-up I needed in the middle of such a lot of work I am buried under!

Do you like the antique-y post processing I tried on this image?