Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anyone lose a piglet?

If the answer is yes, you'd better come and get her right away before my children fall totally in love with this little creature we found galloping along our road this morning. Must have fallen out of a trailer? Here she is napping in our barn after all that running. The kittens are not sure what to think of her!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bethany and Tim had a beautiful start...

...to their life as husband and wife a few weeks ago. Bethany's Dad and Tim's Grandpa, both pastors, married the couple at the Northwestern Christ Chapel. It was really neat to see Bethany's Sanborn, Iowa church family so involved at the wedding: the church choir sang, a woman from church, Letty (whose daughter Nickie's wedding I get to photograph next summer) was wedding coordinator, a church boys club served ice cream at the reception, and the list goes on.

The wedding was elegant and beautiful, and Tim and Bethany were relaxed and happy.

Bethany getting ready...

She was a beautiful bride!

We had planned to go to another location for pictures, but since it was extremely windy, we stayed on campus and were still able to get some really nice images of the couple. I always have the schedule of the photography time very much planned out in detail. However, we seldom get through and entire wedding without changing something because of the weather or other circumstances. And sometimes my favorite images are from a location that we hadn't planned on using. Tim and Bethany were a fantastic example of just going with the flow and not getting stressed about things going differently on their big day.

I think the next image is so much fun-not only because of the couple's expressions, but also because I (happened to!) capture their reflection in the glass doors in the middle of the photo! OK, TINY reflection, I know, but still! :-)

This extraordinary couple will be heading to Africa with the Peace Corps in February. Tim will work in forestry and Bethany will train teachers. Here's wishing you blue skies in all your future endeavors, Tim and Bethany!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Miss Jaelye...

...came over to play recently. She is such a little lady! I think she loved being photographed-she did not stop smiling the whole time she was here! I did capture one serious expression-I just LOVE this image of her!

Lots of energy!

I have to give credit where credit is due...most of the smiles were courtesy of Grandma Karen who came along just for fun! She came prepared with a bag of goodies to endlessly entertain Jaelye! Honestly, some of the images were blurry because I was laughing so hard while shooting. Laughing at Jaelye's absolute cuteness-oh my! And laughing about the fact that Karen was doing all the work for me! All I had to do was stand there and press the shutter! Thanks, Karen! :-)

And one last one with her beautiful Mommy!

I'm Back In The Blogosphere!

After a more than two week absence (Wow-time flies!) from blog writing, I am happy to be back to fill you in on what's happening in my corner of the world!

Autumn and Daniel have a special place in my heart. The first time I met Daniel, he was a 7th grader in a photography class I was teaching years ago at a summer camp class for Junior High kids at Dordt. I have a bad memory, but I remembered Daniel for his red curly hair, and his politeness and charm. :-)

I had the opportunity to photograph both of Daniel's sisters' weddings. Sarah and Josh in December 2006 and Margaret and Scott last July. They are a very gracious family and it was great to see all of them again!

Autumn happens to be the daughter of our school's amazing K-4 Music and Orchestra teacher, as well as my three boys' PATIENT piano teacher. My first paid shoot ever was to photograph the Wielenga family, all of whom play a stringed instrument, with their instruments Christmas 2005. Or was it 2004? Hmmmm......I'll have to look it up!

Anyway, when Autumn was going to be a High School senior, I got to take her senior pictures. During the course of the evening, I asked if she had a boyfriend, and when she told me it was Daniel, I was so tickled to actually know who he was, and mostly that he was such a good guy! Later that summer I also ended up taking Daniel's senior pictures, which was fun. Autumn has also taught my kids swimming lessons during the summers that she worked at the pool.

All this to say, I was soooo thankful and excited that Autumn and Daniel chose me to photograph their wedding a few weeks ago. It was an absolutely wonderful day, filled with much love for the couple from family and friends.

Here are a bunch of my favorites:

Autumn and Daniel's first look-

Love this one...

Beautiful bride...

Happy couple...

The wedding site was the Orange City Golf course...here is the couple relaxing near one of the Golf Course ponds. This was before the weather decided to throw us a curve ball in the form of rain!

Autumn with her veil blowing in the breeze...so elegant!

The rain clouds moved on just in time...the ceremony could not have been more beautiful!

Thank you, Autumn and Daniel for the privilege of photographing your wedding day. It was...........magical ;-)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This little guy...

...just looks wise beyond his years (okay...4 months!) in this photo! Isn't he adorable?

Adoring Momma and Daddy...

Kade conked out after cooperating sooo well for the entire session! I think he looks like a little curled up newborn in this image!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Simon and his big sister Naomi...

...stopped by not long ago for a few pictures!

Simon was a little shy at first, as any self respecting boy probably would be when faced with a strange lady wielding a big camera! It was sweet to see Naomi sit by her brother and play and talk with him to make him more comfortable while he was getting photographed!

It's always a treat when kids bring favorite toys to sessions, especially when they are fun vintage/antique pieces like this car!!

This session was geared mostly toward getting some good images of Simon, but every time I turned around, Naomi was being too adorable NOT to photograph!

This last one is one of my favorites from this session-could they be any cuter?