Friday, March 26, 2010

Matilda Jane Orders...

...are due to arrive here Tuesday! I will let you know as soon as I have them sorted and ready! Just thought I would let you all know in case you wondered if your order would be here in time for Easter!

Mothers Day gift idea!!

I am so excited about a new product I am now offering!!

I will give you a few hints:
~They are usually black and white
~They are classic and beautiful
~Four of these can be seen two posts down from this one...the third picture!

When I got these done for my kids, I almost got a little teary eyed...I was so happy!

You guessed it! SILHOUETTES!

I will be offering Silhouette sessions as an add on to any other session for $149 per person. This includes a short 5-10 minute session in the studio, along with your choice of a framed 8x10 or 5x7 silhouette print, or 30 silhouette notecards. The ones you see on the blog post below are framed 5x7s.

I will also offer silhouettes as a standalone session if there is a minimum of three persons getting them done at once!

As a fun way to introduce silhouettes to you, I am having a silhouette marathon on Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday April 14 between 4pm and 8pm each night! The silhouettes I will create afterward will be framed or printed as notecards in time for Mother's Day gifting!

During this marathon Silhouette Session on April 13 and 14 only, I am pleased to offer you 50% off of the regular price of $149 per person! This still includes the short 5-10 minute session, a framed 8x10 or 5x7, or a set of 30 notecards.

Call or email me if you have any questions or if you are ready to schedule a session.

Here are some great things about my silhouette sessions:
~no need to think about what to wear...just a t shirt is fine!
~session time is SHORT....short enough for Dad to take the kids over while Mom is grocery shopping!
~silhouettes are perfect for children who can sit up on their own and older!
~silhouettes are perfect for couples, no matter the age!
~silhouettes are unique, classic and beautiful.
~they are 50% off ($75 per person) on April 13 and 14!

Happy Birthday Marshall!

Marshall came to see me just two days after his first birthday! Do you remember his baby pictures?

Here he is with his Dad playing blocks...

...and his Mom looking out the window!

Of all the blue in this image I like those eyes the best!

Thanks for coming to see me, Marshall!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great weekend!

Thank you so much to all who came out this past weekend! It was lots of fun sharing my new space with you all! Those who came out were entered in a drawing for some door prizes, and the winners are:

$100 Gift Certificate to Generations Portraiture: Kim Doughan
Bottle Cap Necklace: Alysia Haveman
Bottle Cap Necklace: Karen Whitt
Bottle Cap Necklace: Kelly Emmelkamp

Here are a few quick shots of the studio for those who were not able to come...

The centerpiece is a tree branch full of bottle cap necklaces that my sister Sarah makes. I asked her to bring them to the studio for the open house. They are so much fun!

The outside of the studio is not quite finished. When it melts outside we are planning on building a porch on the front. The man in this picture lived on our place many years growing up. It was a delight to hear some of his stories. He remembers when this barn was the 1940s. Actually, that man's granddaughter is our dearly beloved summer babysitter Emily. And...I will be photographing another one of his granddaughter's (Emily's sister's) wedding this summer! I am blessed!

Have a great week and please stay tuned to the blog as I continue to catch up on last summer and fall's sessions!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Are Invited!!!

I am having a Matilda Jane trunk show next Thursday, March 11! I first saw this line of little girls' clothing a few years back and have been a fan since. The clothes photograph so well and I thought it would be fun to have a trunk show and stock the studio with a few pieces that could be used by little girls that come here to be photographed! Actually, they have womens clothing and a few boys t shirts only the men are left out!

Their new spring line consists of adorable, mostly brightly colored pieces that mix and match and layer well together. You can view images of the spring "Hammond Bay" line on the Matilda Jane Blog.

I will have samples of all the pieces in the new line at the studio March 11 from 5-8pm. There will be goodies to eat and I would love to have you stop by. While you are here you can check out the new studio that is finally almost finished!!

If you can't make it on Thursday, I will still have the clothing here on Friday and Saturday between 10am and 3pm. Also, if you are not tempted to check out Matilda Jane, but WOULD like to see how the studio turned out, just stop by Friday or Saturday between 10am-3pm. I would love to show you around.

If you need directions, please contact me. Just in case you don't know, my new studio is in the RED BARN on our property! When I planned this trunk show I had no idea the ground would still be covered with a couple feet of snow, preventing people from parking on the grass, so if you can, ride with a friend, and wear your rain boots since it will likely be slushy and a bit muddy!

I have been planning a few door prizes and I think I will have to award one to the person with the most unusual or fun rain boots!

I will leave you with a picture of Elsie in a Matilda Jane!

Miss Violet and her brothers!

Just wanted to quick share a couple favorites from this session last summer...this little girl is loved, can you tell? :-)

I think this image is in the running for sweetest smile of all time!


...stole my heart!

I don't know if it was his big blue eyes...or his little grown up button down shirt...

...or his sweet smile!

Actually, I think it was all those things put together!

I got your message Mary and will be in touch about photographing your family this summer! Can't wait!!

Don't know if I know...

...a prouder Grandpa and Grandma than these two!

With good reason.....what a great looking bunch!

Just another session from last summer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As you may know, there has been some excitement here with the Generations Portraiture studio and office moving from my home, where it has been for the last 5 years, to the red barn on our property a month ago. The change of location has proved to be a good opportunity for me to rethink my business policies and procedures, and I am very excited to announce some changes that will be effective starting immediately. Here are some of the changes:

*Sessions will now be based on how long of a session is desired, instead of the number of people being photographed. This means session fees are going down in many cases. If you are interested in taking a look at the specifics, I hope you'll call or email...I'd be happy to email or snail mail you the details!

*I will be offering in person viewing and ordering sessions a few days after your family, child, or senior session. In the past clients have requested this, but it was usually not possible with my office being in my home. Having much more space now, I am excited to offer my help and guidance during image selection! Online proofing will still be available, but will be limited to a few days of online viewing and ordering. Regardless of which proofing option is chosen, it will be decided upon and scheduled when you call to schedule the photo session.

*I will be offering custom framing! I worked for several years as a picture framer and am glad to offer this service!

*I am offering several new products including an image presentation boxes filled with prints from the session, albums for portrait sessions, and some fun image grouping options. I want to make it easy for you to use personal portrait art to decorate and grace your home!

There are even more changes, but hopefully this brief summary gives you an idea of how I am trying to serve my clients better!

Again, I hope that if you are thinking about having portraits dome by me this year, that you would feel free to email or call so I can get all the information to you and answer any questions you may have.

I don't want to have a post with no pictures, so I will end with a few pictures of Tess, another beautiful senior from last summer!


After a lengthy blogging "leave of absence" I am anxious to get back in the habit of blogging my sessions faithfully once again! In addition, for the next while, I will be trying to get sessions from last summer and fall blogged along with current shoots. It might be a little confusing, but I had such fun sessions and weddings....they are just too special to skip altogether! And at the tail end of this long winter, it might be refreshing to see some pictures taken in green grass!

I was so honored that Bailee came up from Lincoln Nebraska to have me take some senior portraits of her last summer. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maggie and Tom

I am excited to show you a few highlights from Maggie and Tom's engagement session from a week or two ago! If you were at a wedding I photographed last summer, there is a good chance you saw Maggie with me as my wedding assistant. It was usually pretty entertaining watching the single guys at the weddings cast glances Maggie's way. It just so happens that she is just as sweet, talented and kind as she is beautiful! I'm sorry to inform all the single men that Maggie is now officially spoken for! :-)

I think Maggie and Tom are a perfect is so much fun to see them together!

I am blessed to have known Maggie and her family for a long time. Once a week Maggie comes here after class at NWC and helps me in the studio. Through our conversations I have learned so much about Tom, but this was really the first time I had the opportunity to spend more than a few moments with him. Couldn't be more impressed! Of course it does not hurt that Tom graduated from my alma mater!

There is a part of me that wonders if spring is really ever coming this year. But I can hardly complain when I am still able to take such fun winter pictures this late in the year!

Maggie and Tom....thanks for spending a little time here with me....I can't wait for July 3!!!